All About Bonsai Trees

Bonsai, or in Japanese Bonsai, is the art of growing small trees or shrubs in containers. Bonsai as it is commonly called today started off as a traditional Chinese method to create the small natural scenic wonders in their domiciles. Unlike traditional penjing which uses harsh traditional techniques to create large natural landscapes in large pots which often mimic landscapes of China, bonsai uses a more natural methodology. The bonsai tree is planted in a container which is similar to the size of the tree. The roots are allowed to penetrate the soil and go deep into the earth.


There are two main categories of bonsai trees. The first are known as formal trees. They are the classic deciduous varieties such as the maple, oak and birch. These trees are trained into special shapes, usually a small bowl shape. These types of bonsai trees are considered decorative and thus they are often grown as bonsai art as well as a way for collectors to add beauty to their homes.

The second bonsai category is called container trees. The container variety of tree is grown in trays or containers on trays. These are known as containerized trees. Trays are used to mimic the natural environment that a bonsai tree would grow in. Because this type of bonsai has limited space to grow, these art forms often require a very limited amount of space to be set up.

Both formal and container trees can be grown as bonsai. But the most popular styles of bonsai trees are those that are used for outdoor tree decorations. Outdoor tree decorations include small Bonsai planters and planter boxes. These planter boxes are designed to replicate the look of a treehouse. They are typically made out of terracotta, clay, wood, metal or plastic and are commonly called wreaths or wind chimes.

When people start growing bonsai, they use a basic plan that has been designed by experts and trained professionals. This plan is based on the needs of the particular species of tree being used. There are many different styles of trees that are suited for these special styles of growing bonsai. Some of the most common species are the juniper, maple, plum, boxwood, fir, hickory, Chinese elm, Japanese maple and bamboo. There are also many different styles of growing bonsai that include carving, metalworking and wiring. One of the most successful styles is known as the Ficus.

There are many different types of indoor growing bonsai. Some of the most common ones are Poodles, Lhasa and Chinese elm. These are known as outdoor tree species and can be viewed in flower arrangements, potted and even in planters. The bonsai used to decorate outdoor furniture is known as tea bowl style. A lot of people like to decorate outdoor trees with these bonsai so they can enjoy the soothing scent of the trees and the lovely color of the foliage.

Some bonsai trees are kept indoors in tiny containers, while others are grown outdoors. Miniature trees are very beautiful and they make great gifts. There are many styles and shapes to choose from including the bonsai bowls and planters. There are a number of indoor growing bonsai trees that are kept inside glass or plastic containers and they are kept in terrariums as well.

Miniature trees make great decorations but some people are interested in growing bonsai trees that are outdoors. Bonsai gardening is practiced all over the world and there are many clubs and organizations that specialize in the art of bonsai. These clubs will have some of the best miniaturists as well as expert stylists who will assist you in the care of your miniature tree. Bonsai trees are very easy to take care of and if cared for properly, they will last a lifetime. There are many different ways of caring for your bonsai, but you should try to use techniques that do not stress the tree out too much.