How to Trim an Imperial Bonsai

If you’re looking for an interesting houseplant, consider an Imperial Bonsai. These trees start out as very small trees planted in mounds. These are then covered with bark that protects the roots as they grow. In just a few years, an Imperial Bonsai will grow to its full size. During the early years of cultivation, … Read more

How to Trim an Imperial Bonsai

Growing an Imperial bonsai tree requires a special type of care. These trees do not have outward growing branches. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about them getting caught in doors. Instead, you can simply bend the branch base to move the tree around. You can even repot your imperial bonsai. It will … Read more

The Best Bonsai Tree For Sale Amazon

The Best Bonsai Tree For Sale Amazon The Amazon bonsai is a variety of Juniper that is also grown for tea bonsai. It has large, dense leaves that catch all the colors of the rainbow. They’re naturally green, but you can give them lime to turn them silver. These trees are available online from several … Read more

Bonsai Types

There are many different bonsai types, each with its own characteristics. The most common ones are the formal and informal upright styles, root over rock styles, forest and Literati styles, and cascade and semi-cascade styles. A bonsai style will have its own specific techniques, so you must be aware of these before you start a … Read more

Caring For Your Bonsai

Caring For Your Bonsai A bonsai is a plant, usually a tree, that is intentionally grown in a simple container. This allows the viewer to focus on the magnificence of the tree, while also learning more about its meaning. Different bonsai have different meanings depending on the artistic elements used to create them. A bonsai … Read more

How to Grow Bonsai Trees For Beginners

The first step in learning how to grow a bonsai is choosing a container for your tree. Many beginners choose practical containers, which can be moved once the tree is fully grown. You can use inexpensive or beautiful terra cotta pots or containers made for houseplants. It is important to water your tree consistently, and … Read more

How to Trim an Imperial Bonsai

How to Trim an Imperial Bonsai If you’re planning on growing an Imperial bonsai, you’ll need to know how to prune properly. The most important thing to remember is to avoid over-pruning your tree, since this will lead to decay. To cut your tree properly, use a commercially available tree pruning shears. Start by cutting … Read more