Bonsai Trees Band – Easy to Forget

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The debut album from indie-rock collective Bonsai Trees, Easy to Forget, is out now. The album marks a new era in the band’s career. The group has added new members, including lead singer James MacPherson and drummer Will Swzec. Check out the band’s new song below!

Bonsai Trees is an indie-rock band with traces of emo

Based in Connecticut, Bonsai Trees is an alternative indie-rock band with traces of the emo genre. Their song “It’s Gonna Be A No From Me Dog” has a catchy melody but deep lyrics. The song also has a pop-like tinge and features angular guitar riffs and hard-hitting percussion. The band’s enticing style makes them a great choice for radio indie fans.

Formed in 2011, Bonsai Trees is led by singer James MacPherson and drummer Nick Sokol. The two met in high school and began writing songs for fun. Later, they started looking for a bass player and landed on Jimi Cryan. Afterwards, they released their first EP, “Minimalist,” and began touring across North America.

The band’s discography has garnered over a million streams. The band’s current single, “Hope Ya Do,” has been viewed over one million times. The band plans to release their next album, Slow Motion Real Life, in early 2020.

The new album, “Easy To Forget,” marks a new phase for this indie-rock collective. The band is now led by James MacPherson, a former emo singer, and now features new musicians. The band is also introducing drummer Will Swzec to the band. You can listen to the new track “Easy To Forget” below.

They have a memorable sound

Connecticut-based band Bonsai Trees has an impressive musical catalog. The band, which is made up of guitarist, singer and drummer James Macpherson, has been active on the music scene since 2011. They have performed at music venues, music festivals, college campuses, house shows and more. They are now working on new music and video content. Their influences include Nirvana, Muse, Dismemberment Plan and Foo Fighters.

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They have amassed over 2 million Spotify streams

A Connecticut-based indie-rock band, Bonsai Trees, has amassed over two million streams on Spotify. Fronted by James MacPherson, the group creates heartfelt indie rock bangers that are sure to have you singing along in no time. The group tours relentlessly across North America, and recently released a four-song EP.

They have played in CT, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and even in a backyard

A Connecticut band, Bonsai Trees has been playing live music since 2011. They are made up of Nick Sokol, guitarist, and James MacPherson, a singer and drummer. They met each other in high school and began writing songs as a hobby. Eventually, they began looking for a bass player, and Jimi Cryan came on board as a bassist. The band released their first single, “Minimalist,” in 2011 and has been playing gigs ever since.

The Connecticut-based band has played in dozens of venues throughout the northeast, including house shows and college campuses. Their music has been featured on numerous Spotify playlists and earned them over 2 million Spotify streams. The band has also performed at music festivals, college campuses, and charities all across the country.