Bonsai Trees Band

Bonsai Trees Band is an innovative indie rock act from Connecticut that draws inspiration from raw emotional songwriting and energetic rock hooks. Led by James MacPherson (2011-2010) and featuring Nick Sokol (2011-2020), the group is passionate about touring their latest material while sharing new songs with as many people as possible!

Bonsai, from Japanese, means “twisted.” A bonsai is a miniature tree created in a container using traditional techniques of bonsai cultivation. This art form enjoys immense respect and popularity amongst gardeners worldwide.

The band

Bonsai Trees may only be a young band, but they already boast an impressive resume. Over the course of several years, they’ve toured relentlessly across North America performing hundreds of shows at college campuses, music venues, festivals and charity events.

This Connecticut-based group has recently released their third full length album Learn To Grow (May 3rd, 2019), an upbeat and melodic 10-track collection packed with memorable hooks and intense emotion. They are currently working hard on new material they believe is “bigger and better” than all their prior efforts!

Their latest single “Apology Note” is an impressive showcase of their songwriting prowess and should be on every indie rock fan’s playlist. The track offers something for everyone – clever lyrics, polished production quality and whammy guitar solo that will leave you wanting more.

Over the past year, they’ve performed across Connecticut and Massachusetts at numerous renowned venues, fairs and arts festivals as well as backyard gigs. The band remains busy with writing new material and practicing for their many upcoming shows.

The most enjoyable and rewarding aspect of their job is meeting their fans at every venue. With a dedicated fanbase, they bring their brand of high energy alternative rock to Hartford and beyond.

Bonsai Trees are ready to make their mark in the music industry with a new album, exciting touring schedule and growing fanbase behind them. With an all-inclusive sound and exciting plans for the future, these guys are set to achieve great things!

James MacPherson

James MacPherson is the frontman of Bonsai Trees, an indie rock band whose sound blends alternative rock with radio-ready indie-pop. This trio has been praised for their heartfelt lyrics and lighthearted sense of humor that shines through their music.

Their new single, “It’s Gonna Be A No From Me Dog,” is an uptempo and energetic piece that combines a catchy melody with deeper undertones. Sharp guitar riffs and hard hitting percussion give this track an edgy edge that fans of alternative rock, radio indie and modern emo will appreciate.

The band is an ensemble of talented musicians that has been performing together since 2011. James, Nick Sokol and Jimi Cryan first met while in high school and began writing songs as a way to foster their friendship. Eventually they joined forces and formed this dynamic collective which has been touring North America relentlessly ever since.

They are currently based in Connecticut, where they frequently perform gigs and create new music. Recently, the group won a RADAR Award (Rising Artist Detection and Recognition) from Boston, MA for their efforts – an award which recognizes artists who have demonstrated dedication and devotion to the craft of music making.

In addition to their musical talents, the band members are passionate about each other and the community they belong to. This dedication has been shown through their tireless efforts in promoting local artists, which has seen them become successful and recognizable within the music industry.

The band’s sound reflects this commitment. They combine powerful vocals with insightful lyrics that address deep emotional issues with a humorous touch. Their songs are incredibly enjoyable to listen to, and live performances are always captivating.

James MacPherson has always had an interest in history and politics. This passion was fostered during his childhood in Ruthven where he witnessed the Scottish Nationalist movement and Bonnie Prince Charlie’s rebellion against King Charles II, events which profoundly shaped his perception of Scotland and its connection to England.

His career as a poet also shaped his views on Scottish culture and the country’s relationship with Britain. His works had an immense influence on writers such as Samuel Johnson, Thomas Jefferson, and David Hume.

Nick Sokol

Established in 2013 in Hartford, Connecticut by high school friends James MacPherson and Nick Sokol, Bonsai Trees has quickly earned a reputation for delivering an energetic and entertaining show. They’ve toured North America multiple times and been featured internationally including The Hartford Courant and Connecticut’s own New England Music Awards. To date they’ve released three full-length albums to a growing fan base which continues to expand; their latest release “Learn to Grow” already becoming one of the best selling albums of 2019; evidence suggesting they’re determined to make their mark within the industry.

Sokol has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, which was fuelled by his time studying Geography at Louisiana State University and Ph.D. research at the University of South Carolina. While developing products along the way – like a wind turbine people can carry in their backpack – Sokol’s current focus is algae farming.

He is an adjunct professor of music and arts technology at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis who recently finished research to secure an NSF grant to develop a device that generates electricity from algae. Additionally, a patent has been filed on his invention.

Nicholas’ music has been performed all over the country by esteemed ensembles such as Carnegie Hall’s Music in the Museum and members of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, New World Symphony and Atlantic Music Festival Orchestra. Additionally, it was included in numerous prestigious festivals like Music in Bloom, Earth Day Art Model and HighSCORE Festival – proof that his creativity and innovation know no bounds.

The music

Since 2011, Bonsai Trees have been making waves in the alternative music scene with their infectious brand of raw emotional songwriting and energetic rock hooks. Led by singer James MacPherson with a rotating live band, they’ve been relentlessly touring North America to share their heartfelt yet humorous indie rock hits with fans.

James MacPherson (singer/guitar) and Nick Sokol (drummer) formed this band out of Connecticut that quickly gained a following, performing at college campuses, music venues, festivals, conferences, charity events and house shows across North America. Their sound has been likened to Nirvana, The Strokes, Muse Dismemberment Plan and Foo Fighters; performers that should not be missed!

After releasing their 3rd album Learn To Grow in 2019, the band is back in the studio writing new music and gearing up for another tour. The album, which was one of The Hartford Courant’s top rated picks of 2019, is an energetic 10-track collection filled with memorable hooks and intense emotion.

With their impressive North American touring history and impressive releases under their belt, the band is eager to create a new body of work they believe will be even bigger and better than previous efforts. Stay tuned for further announcements!

Their latest single, “Easy To Forget,” ushers in a new chapter for the band. James MacPherson sings about her journey towards self-discovery and returning to authenticity in this song.

Bonsai Trees’ “Thirst” is an example of their unique blend of indie rock influences and pop sensibilities, creating a sound that appeals to fans across genres. This heartfelt indie rock ballad will have you singing along at the top of your lungs, leaving you eager for more from the band as they tour relentlessly across North America.

This summer, the band will be playing several dates and are currently writing new music that will be released throughout the year! Keep an eye on their social media pages for further announcements!