Bonsai Trees For Sale

bonsai trees for sale

Bonsai trees are miniature sculptures created using time and care. Originating in ancient Chinese horticultural tradition and then refined further in Japan, Bonsai art can be created from almost any tree species available to us today.

Eastern Leaf offers an affordable selection of bonsai trees for sale, beginning with subtropical varieties at $40 and temperate varieties starting at $30.

Eastern Leaf

Eastern Leaf is a leading US-based bonsai tree retailer offering an expansive collection of indoor, outdoor, specimen, deciduous flowering and fruiting varieties as well as pots, soil tools and accessories for sale. Their offerings span indoor, outdoor, specimen deciduous flowering and fruiting varieties such as Little Lucy Ficus indoor bonsai trees starting at just $22. Their store also boasts an extensive inventory of pots soil tools and accessories – so whatever tree or supply needs arise there’s bound to be something for sale – as well as pots soil tools and accessories available for purchase as well.

Horticultural experts curate their collection to ensure customers find their ideal tree. Beginner and advanced level bonsai trees are offered. Their mission is to introduce people to bonsai art, cultivate love of this ancient tradition and encourage appreciation for caretaking bonsai trees as an excellent way to develop patience, compassion and focus.

As well as offering an impressive variety of bonsai trees, this store also sells stunning glazed pottery pots that perfectly match each one’s aesthetics and style. Constructed of high-fired stoneware clays for winter hardiness, they come with various finishes and styles to fit into any decor – not to mention offering decorative waterfall fountains!

Seattle-based Bonsai Studio and Garden is home to world-renowned bonsai master Dan Robinson and his exceptional garden. Visitors can explore a collection of classical Japanese and Chinese bonsai, along with rare trained garden specimens. Additionally, visitors can buy or study bonsai at their store as well as attend one of their lectures or workshops.

Dandy Farmer is a specialist Brooklyn bonsai studio offering an assortment of indoor and outdoor bonsai trees for sale, along with tools and soil blends designed to suit each species. Their selection makes the trees ideal for urban environments, while beginners or advanced practitioners alike will find these perfect additions to their collection.

Bonsai has been practiced for over 2000 years in China, where its roots run deep. Bonsai trees or shrubs that have been artificially shaped to mimic mature trees through various techniques is known as bonsai art form and remain highly popular today. Bonsai requires patience and skill, yet is highly rewarding hobby suitable for people of all ages and skill sets alike.

Bonsai Outlet

Bonsai trees for sale offer an ideal way to appreciate their miniature living art without taking up too much space and cost. Bonsai is an engaging hobby requiring patience, care and time – perfect as an added touch in a home or office environment where stress levels need to be relieved! Plus it could make an excellent present!

No matter your taste or needs for bonsai trees, New York City offers many choices to you. Manhattan Bonsai, Scotts Flowers NYC and U & Me Grocery & Garden all sell various bonsai varieties and accessories; plus provide various delivery services.

Bonsai Outlet specializes in offering bonsai trees to beginners and experts alike, providing indoor and outdoor bonsai trees as well as accessories and tools. Furthermore, training classes are offered for anyone interested in the art of bonsai.

Bonsai Outlet’s collection at Bonsai Outlet features various species, with prices beginning as low as $40 for an indoor Little Lucy Ficus bonsai tree. There’s also an impressive selection of flowering and fruiting bonsais that require more care, but create breathtaking displays. They provide standard as well as expedited shipping services throughout the US.

Bonsai of Brooklyn is an excellent destination for New Yorkers looking to purchase bonsai trees, offering an extensive selection of premium bonsai as well as other decorative trees and plants. Their team is available 24/7 should any inquiries arise regarding any product they sell – subtropical and temperate bonsai alike can be found among their collection, alongside sub-tropical/temperate hybrid varieties, sub-tropicals/temperate hybrids, decorative trees/plants of all kinds!

The catalog on this site boasts an assortment of trees and plants from common Junipers to exotic Chinese Elms. Customers can select their desired size and style; including trained shapes. In addition, accessories like wire, soil and potting supplies are also provided by this company.


FTD, the premier provider of flowers and plants, has made their mark in bonsai tree culture with a limited collection of affordable trees. Offering something different than traditional flower bouquets, these miniaturized specimens reflect their caretaker’s meticulous dedication and minimalist beauty; making for thoughtful gifts suitable for birthdays, housewarmings or any special event.

FTD provides both indoor and outdoor bonsai trees for sale at FTD, such as juniper, pine needles, spruce needles, deciduous trees that change colors seasonally like maples, elms and ginkgos. FTD also carries indoor varieties like jade ficus and Hawaiian umbrella trees.

Shipping options in the US are standard; same-day delivery is available on some orders. Credit cards and PayPal are both accepted for international purchases, while customers with an e-gift card can use it to earn extra LPs with each purchase.