Bonsai Trees For Sale Near Me

bonsai trees for sale near me

Bonsai trees offer an amazing way to express yourself and showcase your creativity. In New York City alone there are various species available for purchase at specialty bonsai nurseries, garden centers and online retailers.

FTD, a leader in flower delivery services, recently ventured into bonsai with an affordable collection of trees that features tropical and temperate zone species.

Bonsai of Brooklyn

Bonsai of Brooklyn has been serving New York City area residents for more than four decades, offering bonsai trees, pre-nursery stock, tools and supplies as well as offering potting and plant styling workshops. Bonsai of Brooklyn is known for providing quality bonsai trees at very competitive prices.

Bonsai, the ancient Japanese art that dates back almost 2000 years, dates its name from two Japanese characters: bon and sai (pronounced bo-say). This word derives its meaning from these characters: bon is the container or tray while “sai” refers to actual tree or potted planting in its original form while in Japan bonsai was seen as an artful way to display heritage and honor family ancestry.

While bonsai has traditionally been practiced on cold-temperate deciduous and evergreen plants found in northern climates that require dormancy every year, tropical and subtropical varieties popular for indoor cultivation in southern regions can survive year round – making them the perfect option for beginners looking to cultivate bonsai indoors.

Paul Graviano is a bonsai artist residing in Brooklyn, New York who has been creating miniature trees for almost fifty years. Amid gentrifying Coney Island and waterfront condo developments, his Chinese elms, bougainvilleas and junipers remain hidden behind a sturdy corrugated metal fence until wintertime when they’re brought inside into an insulated room that can accommodate hundreds of them.

From You Flowers

Bonsai trees are miniature trees grown in containers and have long been considered an iconic symbol of Asian culture, often becoming part of family heritage. Additionally, bonsai can also serve as a satisfying hobby that simply requires time and patience – From You Flowers offers a selection of stunning bonsai trees for sale that make wonderful additions to any collection!

At this acclaimed nursery, novice and expert alike will find indoor and outdoor trees perfect for beginner bonsai enthusiasts alike. Prices begin at approximately $40 for subtropical species such as African Boxwood, Black Olive, Brush Cherry and Elephant Bush while temperate species (Hinoki Cypress, Chinese Elm, Japanese Juniper, Korean Boxwood Norway Spruce Red Cedar etc) start from $50. In addition to bonsai trees this shop provides tools, soil and tutorial DVDs as well.

From You Flowers offers an impressive selection of trees for sale, gift baskets that make great presents, free standard shipping for orders of $65 or more, same-day delivery on most weekdays before 2 p.m.. Plus they offer same day shipping!

Bonsai Outlet is a leading provider of affordable bonsai trees suitable for both novices and experts alike. Their hand-selected collection begins at under $50 and includes several DIY and Gift Sets complete with all the tools and supplies required to start growing bonsai trees. In addition, this site also offers flowering and fruit bonsais that require more skill but make spectacular displays.


Bonsai is a practice of growing and shaping miniature versions of plants such as trees into miniature versions, typically as art or hobby. While Japanese bonsai tends to be considered more refined and artistic than its Chinese counterpart, both styles of this ancient art form have their fans; with roots dating back nearly 2000 years!

When choosing a bonsai tree, it’s essential to carefully consider its care requirements. Choose one with strong roots and healthy bark as well as vibrant leaves and an expanding canopy – this species should also suit well to the climate in your region.

Mendip Bonsai Society is a small family-run nursery offering starter material and mature trees. Additionally, the nursery provides workshops and demonstrations for its customers. Specialising in temperate-zone bonsai cultivation.

Home Depot

Home Depot is one of the nation’s leading home improvement stores, offering everything from kitchen and bathroom fixtures, screws and bolts, paint and tools to customer service that makes DIY projects simpler for customers.

This chain of stores carries an expansive selection of outdoor and indoor plants, landscaping supplies and lawn equipment as well as home delivery and curbside pickup services. Furthermore, their philanthropic program gives hundreds of thousands of dollars back into local communities every year.

When selecting a bonsai tree, it’s essential that it fits both your climate and space. Be sure to pick a healthy specimen with strong roots; one without signs of pests or diseases will do best. Also pay attention to care requirements of particular species of bonsai as some require more TLC than others.

Bonsai trees have long been an expressive means for people to express themselves creatively while simultaneously improving health and well-being. Bonsai have even been proven to lower blood pressure and heart rates while helping individuals relax more fully into present moment experiences. Unfortunately, maintaining these delicate specimens requires both time and care – which should never be underestimated!

Bonsai Outlet

Bonsai is an intriguing art form with multiple meanings and interpretations, providing a way to connect with nature while offering spiritual enrichment. Though bonsai requires careful care and maintenance, its results make the effort worth while. Furthermore, bonsai provides therapeutic value by helping one slow down and appreciate nature. As long as basic bonsai care principles are in place it can be enjoyed by anyone interested in bonsai care.

This site provides a selection of bonsai trees for sale near me, from tropical and hardy varieties. There is also a selection of pots, accessories, tools and tutorial DVDs as well as copper and aluminum wire for your bonsai tree – so there is something here for every budget!

Brussel’s Bonsai began as an online store offering pruning shears and tools, but soon evolved into the largest Bonsai eCommerce site in the nation. Leveraging his international business degree, Brussel was able to locate suppliers in Asia who provided high-quality bonsai products at competitive prices.

This site provides an expansive selection of trees for sale near me, from Japanese junipers and Chinese elms to ficus ginseng and tropical/hardy bonsai trees with prices starting from $20 each; also featured are specimen bonsais for those seeking to craft true works of art.

Eastern Leaf

Eastern Leaf Plant Studio specializes in bonsai and provides an expansive selection of trees and plant supplies – including bonsai soil. Classes and workshops for beginners are also provided at this plant studio, making Eastern Leaf the perfect way to connect with nature in an urban environment. Their tree collection ranges from flowering trees to fruit trees that come potting in handmade containers with custom soil blend. Plus you can buy ornamental accessories to complete the experience.

Bonsai specialists from this brand are widely admired in their field and have gained national renown. Their products can be found for sale at various retailers throughout the US and are even often preferred vendors among event planners and home decorators.

Bonsai Tree Depot provides an outstanding selection of bonsai trees at very reasonable prices – some starting as little as $40! They also carry tools, books and instructional DVDs at competitive rates; shipping is fast and reliable with most orders being sent out the same day!

Eastern Leaf began selling at farmers markets throughout San Diego before expanding across California and the U.S. Their quality craftsmanship earned them many accolades including being featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Vogue, Washington Post and Las Vegas Journal publications.