How to Grow a Bonsai Tree

Learning how to grow a bonsai tree is not the same as learning how to care for one. The two are very different and should be treated as such. Bonsai trees are prized tropical plants that are trained to resemble traditional varieties of trees. While growing a bonsai, you have the responsibility of caring for it just like any other plant.

Bonsai trees are usually potted in containers, which can be made out of metal, ceramic or plastic. Watering a bonsai tree should be done in the same way as you would caring for a traditional variety of tree. You must water your bonsai continuously as soon as it starts to bloom. The soil, if fertilized with starter fertilizer, can be sprayed on the leaves of the bonsai as well as on the roots to help them grow strong.

Once the plant starts to bloom you should water it again. Do this every day. Do not wait for the plant to dry out between watering. Most bonsai trees require approximately four hours of daylight and eight hours of darkness. You will notice that during the summer when the sun does not shine as long, your bonsai tree will grow more rapidly. A bonsai tree will also be smaller than its traditional counterpart.

One of the most important things you should know about how to grow a bonsai is that you should prune the plants every couple of years. Some people think that bonsai trees should be left alone. This is not the case. While pruning certain types of trees will stunt their growth, pruning your bonsai helps them grow strong and healthier.

You should also know that many people who grow bonsai trees will prune their trees themselves. This is fine; however, if you are not comfortable with pruning your own tree you should find a professional who can prune the tree for you. Remember, if you do not properly prune your bonsai then the plant may become weaker. The final result of pruning your bonsai tree may be small, weak branches.

It is very important that you keep your bonsai clean and clear of debris. You should remove leaves, branches and any other trash that may affect the health of your bonsai. You will need to take special care to clean your bonsai after it has been grown. Do not use your bare hands to handle the bonsai; you will need to wear protective gloves.

When your bonsai starts to sprout leaves, you need to remove them quickly. If you wait for too long, they will start to wilt and die. Many people who have no experience in caring for a bonsai tree will attempt to transplant the plant to a larger location. They do not know that bonsai plants require constant humidity in order to grow properly.

The last tip on how to grow a bonsai tree will have to do with feeding your plant. You should provide your bonsai with high quality, natural fertilizer every two weeks. Remember, this is a living plant. You will need to provide water that is constantly available. This is why it is important that you grow your bonsai in a warm sunny location.

Another important factor about caring for a bonsai tree is keeping it healthy. You should always check for rot, decay or any other type of disease. There are several ways to spot these problems before they get too bad. Some people will water their bonsai while it is sickly. If you are in a situation where you may have to transplant your bonsai tree, you should place it somewhere that it will receive plenty of light. It is also a good idea to provide it with shade during the hot summer months.

A growing tip on how to grow a bonsai tree will tell you that you must keep your plant from being over crowded. Too many people keep bonsai plants in pots with only one or two people in them. The plant eventually becomes too weak to grow and eventually dies. If you have a limited area where you can grow a bonsai tree then you should grow it in your patio. Make sure that you place it somewhere that it will get some natural light and not be in direct sunlight all day long.

If you are wondering how to grow a bonsai tree, there are a few other things that you will need to consider as well. Make sure that the tree you purchase has been shaped so that it will grow upright. If you are going to use some kind of container, make sure that you buy one that has drainage. The roots of the tree will need to drain in order to survive. These tips will help you have a beautiful bonsai tree.