Different Types Of Bonsai Trees

The bonsai types that are available for you to purchase in your favorite store or nursery are all based on the type of shrub or tree that you buy. If you are a new bonsai grower, you are going to have to learn about the basic differences among bonsai trees so that you can choose … Read more

The Art of Imperial Bonsai

Imperial Bonsai trees are highly popular. They are in many cases the most expensive bonsai trees available. It is because of this that it is important to learn how to properly maintain an Imperial Bonsai tree. There are several ways to properly care for your indoor Bonsais. When caring for a tree bonsai, you want … Read more

Bonsai Nursery – Bonsai Amazon Trees

Bonsai Nursery – Bonsai Amazon Trees One of the many bonsai species which has a high demand among bonsai tree lovers and that is also very popular among bonsai tree buyers is the Paeoniae ashei or the Africanized Pomegranate tree. The Paeoniae she has a deep dark green shade that’s very much similar to its … Read more

The Beauty of Bonsai

The Beauty of Bonsai Bonsai, like many of its eastern counterpart, originates in China. In Bonsai terminology, the word ‘Bonsai’ refers to the practice of growing and pruning particular species of potted plants, usually coniferous trees or shrubs. The term is derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘pun’ meaning small and ‘sai’ meaning being. Because Bonsai … Read more