Where to Find Bonsai Trees For Sale

bonsai trees for sale

When searching for a bonsai tree, there are plenty of options available. Popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon and independent specialist nurseries both provide excellent selections.

These nurseries offer a vast selection of trees for sale, from young to mature specimens. Additionally, they provide both standard and expedited shipping options across the US.

House of Bonsai

If you’re searching for bonsai trees, there are plenty of nurseries that offer these delicate miniature trees. Additionally, they carry supplies and tools so that you can craft your own potted plantings with ease.

Bonsai trees come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, from maples to junipers, elms, black pine, gingkos, olives, boxwoods – just to name a few! These miniature plants have been wired, pruned and staged to look just like full-sized trees found outdoors.

Bonsai trees can grow to heights of five feet or more and were first created in China during the 12th century.

Bonsai is considered an art form in Japan, regardless of its roots. It requires horticultural practice, artistic talent and patience to achieve the desired look – often by pinching buds, pruning or wiring branches to give plants a twisted and natural appearance.

Bonsai typically features perennial woody-stemmed trees and shrubs with true branches that can be kept small in containers through pot confinement, crown pruning, and root pruning.

Watering your bonsai regularly is essential to keep it healthy. In general, more water may be required during hot weather and less during colder periods. Furthermore, keep the soil moist at all times.

It is best to place the bonsai in an area with plenty of light. Avoid places that are too dark, as this makes it difficult for the plant to receive enough rays.

If you’re interested in learning more about bonsai, there are several resources. Attend workshops or read books about the art form or contact a bonsai specialist for further details.

Eastern Leaf

Eastern Leaf offers a selection of trees for sale, including bonsai trees suitable for indoor environments and those suitable for outdoor use. Their graceful movement and aesthetic can add an elegant touch to any home or office setting.

They offer a range of plant accessories, such as pots and figurines, so it’s simple to mix-and-match your purchased plants to achieve an unified aesthetic.

These trees can add some charm and character to any space, making for a wonderful gift or decorative accent. Furthermore, their low maintenance requirements make them ideal for those who don’t have much free time to devote towards gardening tasks.

Eastern Leaf offers something for everyone in this section of their store – from beginner-friendly plants to experienced collectors. Their selection includes a wide range of trees, as well as flowering trees that can produce blooms during summer and fall with proper care.

They provide a range of tree sizes for those searching for the ideal bonsai. This includes smaller specimens ideal for beginners as well as larger trees that can handle more intensive care.

Another outstanding feature of these trees is their superior craftsmanship and meticulous use of quality materials. This makes them remarkably strong and long-lasting.

If you’re searching for a trustworthy source of high-quality bonsai trees, Eastern Leaf is an excellent option. As an established company that has been selling plants at farmer’s markets in California since 2004, their reputation for offering top-notch plants at reasonable prices and their customer service are unmatched.

Bonsai Outlet

If you’re searching for an excellent place to purchase bonsai trees online, Bonsai Outlet is an ideal option. Their collection has something for every type of gardener at incredibly reasonable prices. Furthermore, they carry an extensive selection of tools and supplies to help maintain your tree properly.

Ashley Carrier founded this site after becoming inspired by a gift of Bonsai gardening equipment. As his passion grew, he realized there needed to be an affordable online destination for beginners who weren’t yet equipped with specialty tools, pots and soil. After receiving one as a gift, Ashley decided to launch his business venture into this rewarding hobby.

They offer an extensive selection of Bonsai Trees for sale, many from respected growers. The company provides standard and expedited shipping on all items as well as convenient same-day or specified-day delivery options.

You can purchase bonsai pots and accessories to help maximize the success of your new plants. These products will keep your bonsai healthy and contented for years to come.

Their collection offers both training and display pots to match your trees’ style. Training pots are suitable for younger bonsai, with larger holes that drain water easily and provide a more stable base. No matter which pot you select, ensure it has quality soil mix applied for healthy growth.


Gifting a bonsai tree is an exemplary and meaningful way to show someone you care. These miniature trees make excellent presents for any special occasion, and the recipient can nurture it to achieve the desired look.

No matter their gardening skill level, there are plenty of bonsai trees for sale that require minimal upkeep. Most require full sun and regular watering to stay healthy.

Bonsai cultivation has its roots in China and Japan, with a deep spiritual significance that unites humans to nature. When properly cared for and maintained, bonsai trees can last a lifetime!

Dandy Farmer, a Brooklyn-based bonsai studio, offers an exquisite selection of indoor and outdoor bonsai plants. Each tree is expertly crafted and placed into handmade containers using the house soil blend that best suits it.

Popular plants like Japanese juniper, poneytail palm and jade succulents can be purchased online with same-day or specified day delivery across the US.

Another popular beginner choice is the cotoneaster tree. These plants are drought-tolerant and ideal for wire shaping.

If you’re searching for an even easier-to-maintain indoor plant, try the banyan or ficus bonsai tree. These subtropical species thrive off stable temperatures throughout the year.

Bonsai trees are not only affordable, but they make for a stunning addition to any home or office. Furthermore, this meaningful gift helps your loved one reconnect with nature – making it ideal for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday presents.